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“Have a little help from my friend”

We live in a very small town in Texas where we see and experience things that leave us with a smile shaking our heads, wondering if we are indeed in America in the 21st century. One such example would be our roads.  My husband and I have traveled to at least three third-world countries. Amazingly enough, their roads were much better than ours.

One beautiful afternoon last spring, I accompanied my daughters, age 5 and 7 at the time, on a short bike ride around our neighborhood. I forgot to mention that we don’t really have sidewalks here and the few that do exist are much like the roads. It was one such spot that my youngest daughter and I came upon. She was still using training wheels and I knew she would struggle to get through the mess of half concrete, half grass. So like any parent who wants to help their child, I reached down and lifted the back of her seat and gave her a push through the rocks.

Now, you need to know that this little red-head got a double-whammy genetic gift from my husband and I–being stubborn as an ox. Well, she would have none of that helping, and got very upset with me, adamantly saying “ I don’t need your help!” So I just set her right in the middle of the rocks, where she grunted, moaned, and fussed until she gave up and asked me to come and help. And her request was not at all nice, or even with a hint of concession that I was right and she was wrong. Like any parent would, I went straight over to her and lifted her up and set her down on safe road. She was on her way, without even a “thanks, mom.”   I think she was still a bit mad about the whole experience.

As she sped away, the Lord was gracious to reveal to me a picture of how we treat Him way too many times. He loves us so much, and is so willing to help us over the rocky things in life, but we are quick to reject him and try to do it ourselves. Then we cry out for help and being who He is, our loving, graceful, compassionate, Daddy, he lifts us out of the mess, and sets our feet on solid ground. And there we go, often times without a grateful heart or even a word of gratitude.

May we be grateful and willing to receive the help of our Best Friend, and loving Father.