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Egg Redeemer

Easter.  What comes to your mind when you hear that word?  Maybe , chocolate bunnies, or white fuzzy bunnies. Or spring chicks and white lilies.  Could it be new dresses, and baskets filled with eggs?  Some would say they think of the cross, the story of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection.  Whatever came to my  mind before, has been changed forever by an event this past Easter celebration.   Let me share the story with you. 

My daughters and I were in the midst of our yearly traditional egg dying routine.   The youngest was holding an egg on the flimsy wire egg holder that is included in the package to dip the eggs into each container of dye.  Our dying station was a bit crowded, and she is known for attempting “risky” maneuvers,  so to no ones surprise, her egg jumped right off the wire holder, on to the cabinet, knocking over the yellow and green bowls of dye. 

My oldest daughter and I were upset–me from the completely preventable mess, and her, because that would be one less egg for her sister to dye and get to hunt later.  We also informed her the egg was now ruined, would have to be eaten or thrown out, and could not be beautifully dyed like the rest of them.   After the initial fuss, the mess was cleaned up and we were back to our task.  The “egg dropper”  left our scene and was quietly at work in her bedroom.   After a few minutes, she arrived with an egg in hand.  There, covering the crack was a band-aid, and the rest of the white shell was now under a layer of blue marker.   She placed it in the egg carton with the others and said, “see I saved it, and it is good as new.”  

Of course her sister and I just smiled.  Just as we are never surprised by her “bull in the china cabinet” moments, we are never surprised at her sweet attempts to redeem the situation.   I told her that she had just redeemed that egg,  just like Jesus redeems us.  He takes our broken hearts, our broken spirits and binds them up.  He takes the plain, the simple, the thrown out, the left behind, the “ruined” and makes them beautiful. 

Redeemed Egg

Redeemed Egg

“Praise the Lord, O my soul…..who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion…”  Psalm 103:4

May we walk as redeemed, and may we believe that He has redeemed us, and may we see others in their redeemed state, not as the broken, cracked, ruined, worthless.