Choosing to be better

In the past, life with my youngest daughter could be summarized by a single word–Battle.  As a mother you hate to even admit that, but it is true.  Until recently I woke up everyday ready to go into battle with her at least once throughout the day, with the trigger being different everyday.  One day my momma told me, “this little girl is sick and that affects everything.”   Even with that knowledge, our whole family struggled with our little “bear.” 

Just before we began a new daily regimine, I was on a stress-relieving bike ride in our small town crying, begging the Lord that this would be our last battle.  I was ancipating WWIII to break out in our home as I had to convince her to take suppliments, and eat certain foods while taking out most of her meal-time favorites.  I was pleasantly surprised by what actually happened.  Once she started the process, she began to feel so much better.  As she felt better,  non battle days have become the norm.  The key is  that she is choosing to take the steps to be better.  Even in her 6 short years she can discern that her choices affect how she feels.  

Here is the thing, we spend plenty of our days  knowing what will improve our spiritual health, but not choosing to act in a way that would leave us better, healthier.  How many days are such a battle?  I wonder if that is because we are like my daughter–sick.  When we don’t feel well, when we are not spiritually well, we can bet on a battle everyday.  Why won’t we choose to praise, choose to worship, choose to believe His promises, choose to not be of the world, choose to be grateful, choose to see our lives as gifts, choose to walk humbly instead of entitled, choose to live simply and love much?   

May we choose to be better.


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