Whiners not allowed

Mornings are such great time for revelation in our house. Yesterday my oldest was having some trouble with her shoes. She sat there, whining in this state of being that just grates my every nerve. The kind that pulls on your very ounce of patience not to get angry. Most people would consider me to be very patient person, level-headed, and laid-back. NOT when it comes to whiny people. Maybe you can relate.

We try to teach our girls to be good communicators. If they are whining, we won’t help them. They have to ask us with words what they specifically want, in a tone that resembles something as far from a whine that they can muster up in that moment.

There we sat as we went through that process. She asked for what she wanted, I helped. I was reminded quickly of how God responds to us. How much of our time do we spend whining to God? I wonder if our whining grates as His nerves as much as it does mine? From what I know of His character, it probably doesn’t. For that I am grateful. I am grateful I don’t have to come to Him as a good communicator. I am grateful that He takes me as the whiner I can be, and He will still help. There are no conditions on His love. Just that I cry out to Him.

I am convinced that when I am a more grateful person, it is likely I will be less of a whiner.   Aren’t ya glad he loves us either way?


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