No Fear

I bet you are like me, I love watching kids sing and dance. Recently I watched a video my cousin put on-line of her 4 year-old jamming out in their living room. He was jumping around, shaking body parts to the rythmn of beat of the music, without care and completely free. Our girls do the same thing. We have a praise and worship DVD made by some Aussies at Hillsong church. The three of us pop in the DVD and watch a BUNCH of kids dancing and singing as we commence to follow along while standing in the middle of the living room. The sight is quite hilarious, as we awkwardly spin, jump, and do hand motions all while we are singing the words on the screen.

Of course I think my daughters are the Best kids in the world, just like every mom does. But I can honestly say that neither of them are going be up for any singing or dancing awards this year. There are plenty of kids that won’t be, but that doesn’t stop them, they sing at the top of their lungs and dance with every bit of their strength.

What happened to all of us? When did God tell us that it was no longer pleasing to Him to sing at the top of our lungs and dance around careless and free in worship to Him? What are we so afraid of? I have started taking lessons from my little vessels. Sometimes when they are at school I pop it in and sing at the top of lungs and dance with all my strength while praising the One who has set us free.  Find some time today to getcha’ groove on, in worship of the one who loves every inch of your goofy self. 




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