“Just want to be near to you”

My oldest daughter’s whole life has been marked by a need to be close to her momma. Let me clarify that statement. She willingly spends time away from home with relatives and friends. She is not a child who seems insecure or even very needy. She is quite independent in fact. Still, she often doesn’t want me to be away for long and wants to know where I will be and what I will be doing.

Recently there was an occasion that ended with us in a loving tease over her having some kind of homing device on my precise location every moment. In response she simply said “I just want to be near you, to be with you.” Of course any mother loves to hear that her children want to be close to her like a chick under a hen’s wing. What struck me was this thought of just wanting to be near me. She didn’t want me to do something special for her, meet any of her needs, say anything, simply be near her. Just let her crawl in my lap and let me wrap my arms around her. She just loves me that much.

I was reminded of how our Lord feels about us. He just loves US that much. He just wants to be near us. And for us to be near to Him. The best part is we don’t have to DO anything. Sad to say, MY homing device toward Him is broken most of the time. I find myself drawn to other things or actually running in the opposite direction of the one who just wants me to crawl in His lap so He can place His arms around me. Oh how grateful I am that He has no trouble finding me.

May we re-tune our homing devices so that we may find ourselves wanting “just to be near Him.”


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