I am second

My oldest daughter, now 8 and in the 2nd grade, has been blessed with the super speller gene. We are not sure where that one came from. We are guessing maybe her uncle, he’s one of those people many of us wish we were–great at everything. Last year, she was the 1st grade spelling champ, but this year, she found herself second after a long round between she and her good friend, spelling words from the 3rd and 4th grade word list.

Of course we were very proud of her. Her response to the day was what made me even more proud. She told her uncle (the one with the super speller gene) “last year was my first year to be in the bee and I got first, this year was my second year so I got second. This was my friends’ first year and she got first.” She said it without even a hint of disappointment.

Being second didn’t bother her one bit. We live in a world that tells us that anything but first some how makes us less of a winner, less of a competitor, less of a person. So if Christ is first in my life, shouldn’t I want to be second? How often do I live that way? How often is the day about what I want, when I want it, my fears, my worries?

I have run across a pretty great site about being second. Check it out and share with friends who are still working so hard to be first. Iamsecond.com


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