He did it!

I have to start this post with a “back story.”  (that is a term frequently used by one of my dearest friends)  My youngest daughters’ life has been dictated by chronic illness.  Our elders have prayed over her, we have prayed, along with throngs of friends, family, and friends of family.  We have spent most of her life in Dr. offices, having tests run, even a couple hospital stays.  This past week, we started a new plan of action that requires her to complete a host of tasks each day.  Fortunately her determined personality has been a positive influence this time. 

Today we saw some signs that all this work is making a difference, that she is getting better.  Of course we all were doing a happy dance.  On our way to school during our morning prayer, I praised God for the meds and things we were doing to make such healing possible.  Immediately my oldest daughter adamantly said “He did it!  He was the one who healed her.”  

I’m not at all surprised by her reaction, because we are a family that believes that Jesus still heals today, and our first response is to pray when we are sick or hurt.  What stunned me speechless was her faith.   She has been on this journey with us.  She comes to all the doctor visits, has listened to our frustrations, and concerns. She has watched her sister sit with IVs in her tiny hands, and  listened to her cry time and time again.  There has been every opportunity for her faith to be challenged, and for her to become cynical.  For her to depend more on modern medicine than the healing power of God–like most of the rest of us.  Yet, she still sees this as God’s work, not something we did or anyone else for that matter.    

God said he would use the simple to shame the wise.  Oh how I wish I wasn’t so “wise” sometimes.  May we be like children having the faith to always believe that He heals just like He says He can.


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